Price at 1 July 2022

Our prices are indicative, subject to modifications.

Weekend and public holidays: reservations only in the morning.

Adult Karting 270cc

From 14 years.


10 min session : 20 €

2 x 10 min session : 36 € (only week, except holidays)



Children Karting 160cc

From 7 years.


10 min session : 17 €

2 x 10 min session : 30 € (only week, except holidays)




Two-seater Karting 270cc

10 min session : 27 €

(for 2 adults


1 adult and 1 child


for disabled people)


Drive licence for pilot and 1m20 for passenger

Subscription card

10 x 10 min session

+ 2 free sessions :

200 €


Adult Karting

The adult karting, the sodi SR4 is the first kart to offer the brand new "Head system", a patented high energy absorption system which offers levels of safety and comfort that had been previously unattainable in rental karts.

  • Superb reliability
  • Excellent comfort and unique driving behaviour
  • Outstanding shock stability (THR integral polyethylene protection, impact and abrasion resistant)
  • Unrivalled energy absorption (HEAD System)
  • New Sodi hydraulic brake with ventilated disk
  • Modern design

Children Karting

Sodikart has developed a kart especially for young drivers. Its reliability and its high level of safety make this the preferred kart for track operators who bear the responsibility of supervising children and young teenagers. Adjustable bucket seat, adjustable pedals, ans adjustable steering wheel height : integral ergonomics for an ideal driving position in a strikingly looking kart. 


  • Adjustable pedal mechanism
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Adjustable seat
  • Light
  • New design
  • Overlying bodywork for more safety

Two-seater Karting

The Sodi 2Drive is a two-seater kart ideal for learning trajectories or to allow children and disabled people to taste the real kart sensations, the 2Drive has 2 steering wheels, whose the passenger is equipped with a patented "2 positions" system : fixed or active.

  • Adjustable pedal mechanism 
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Light
  • Pro-Slide Absorber System
  • H.E.A.D. System