On a track of 600 meters approved with the French Motor Sports Federation (FFSA), made full of thrills... 

You muist wear closed shoes (flip flops are forbiden).

Put your combination, your gloves and your helmet and drag you, safely, a few moments in the life of a Champion. A serious asset for your safety : precious advice  will be notified before your departure on the runway by the instructor.

You can analyze your mistakes, slipping how to control your vehicle at all times :


Dry, Rain, Snow !!!

Beginners, Insiders, Experts

* Individual session : session 10mn                                                                                  .... Child kart from 7 years old                                                                                          .... Adult kart from 14 years old                                                                                        .... Double seat kart (Drive licence for pilot and 1m20 for passenger)                                          To know our prices, go to the info and prices tab

* Endurance : a team challenge with relays          MINIMUN 16 PERSON / to 8 at 14 karts                    ON RESERVATION

The endurance race is perfect for groups of all sizes preferring to develop a team rather than individual performance.

It's a most economical (several drivers per kart) and using a necessary team cohesion.

The group is divided in teams (equal team than karts) and team members take turns as many times as they desired.


Procedure of the endurance race :

  • Welcome of the pilots
  • Free practice
  • Time trials
  • Final

Practice session :

Constitution of one or several team (depending on the number of participants).  The free tests are conducted over a variable period depending on the time of your reservation. 

Time practice session : 

The timed tests used to establish order on the starting grid according to the best time.

Start of the race :

The departure will be launched : After a round of training slowed in the order established by the tests timed, the competitor can bring  his teammate in the stands showing him from the edge of the runway.


For obvious reasons of security and organization, entering the stands will be prohibited between relay

End of race :

Reading the timing - Ranking

Awards :

3 cups offered for a reservation of 3 hours circuit


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